Hot Summer

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natural bridges state park! khoa and i spent a day there (in June) and everything was so beautiful!

so much has happened in the last few months that i've had no time to write! there's a story i want to work on (maybe for NaNoWriMo?) and so many art projects/DIYs i want to do! i'm actually thinking of starting a YouTube channel for art/bullet journal stuff and writing more about what i'm doing day-to-day here. before i continue, here's a recap of what's been up!


  • started working a miserable part-time job! my coworkers are cool tho!
  • my birthday! we went to Crown and Crumpet in SF and it was adorable and delicious!
  • reconnected with my old friend Monica!
  • watched a lot of Steven Universe
  • Game of Thrones came back so we had a few viewing parties
  • met the assistants of a really cool artist at the Asian Art Museum!
  • got a new phone for my birthday!
  • Coco (my baby... my daughter... my dog!) got sick! :( she is doing sooo much better now, thankfully.
  • am... so peaceful re: the fact that i'm 23???


  • khoa and i went to Color Factory! i will do a post about this later!
  • started getting closer to my coworkers
  • hung out with friends from high school (Lindsey and Jessica!)
  • went camping for a weekend with some of my close friends
  • got new glasses!
  • went to Sac with Mark to see Adrian!
  • Austen visited me at work when I was miserable and made me feel better!
  • heard back about a super cool internship which i am starting soon! :~)
  • classes started! doing half business/half art this semester! (i literally had to work a midnight shift before my first 8am class of the semester LOL)

September (so far)

  • spent super long trying to get tickets to the exhibition of my dreams (Yayoi Kusama at The Broad) and yet! their website once again had errors so all i got was a waste of time!
  • ended up needing an (emergency kind of?) root canal.... a week of pain + not being able to do anything except keep track of the time to take pain meds and rest, followed by 45 mins of treatment and a payment of $11k :')
  • the star guardian skins & event in League of Legends is literally everything i ever wanted... well... i mean i'm not buying the new skins bc i don't play those champs but... it's so fun and beautiful!
  • i bought a yoga mat and will start doing yoga daily once i recover from my surgery! it's so hard because i have no chill...
  • khoa and i went to see It!
at the moment i have a bunch of medical/dental stuff to deal with, classes to attend, an internship to start, and mental health to take care of! i am really really struggling with being OK with not doing anything, while at the same time not relaxing so much that i feel restless. i have been doing so much better -- riding on public transportation and being inside movie theaters usually make me super anxious, but i have recently been able to manage well!

the rest of the year doesn't seem like it's gonna get any less busy, but i am learning better time management as i go, and i am again relearning how important it is to take care of myself. there's a lot to look forward to, despite, you know, impending global doom and the literal worst possible political situation. there is so much in me that i love, and i am ok with being more proud of myself. everything might seem absurdly bleak at times but for now, i have the best friends and family in the world, and that's enough.

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