my first zine: flowers erupt at night

by - 10:11 PM

When I think about the me in the past, the main thing I remember is that I was always writing -- to figure out my feelings, to explore my dreams, and to record everything. I'm trying to reconnect with that because writing and literature have always been super important to me. One of my favorite quotes, by Raymond Carver, is "That's all we have finally, the words, and they had better be the right ones." I submitted (and wrote!) some poems recently, and seeing that I can still create something beautiful filled me with a sort of frenzied creative energy. For a while now I've wanted to try making a zine, and instead of planning and thinking, I just did it! I attributed the quotes I used, and also feel like I should mention that my poem "moonflower" was first published in Winter Tangerine Review. Check it out below, and download the copy above to print it out and fold into your own zine! Wikihow has a great explanation on how to cut/fold zines here.

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