Virtual Diary

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I'm having a lot of fun making these lit quote things, and I think I'll make one for every book I read next year!

My favorite part about college was always going to the libraries. At Cal, we had over twenty libraries on campus (though some were small) and I enjoyed walking through the libraries and looking at all the books. I checked out books that appealed to me as if by instinct, and one of those books was The Dancing Girl of Izu and Other Stories, a collection of short stories by Yasunari Kawabata. I don't remember liking it much, but this passage from "Memories of my Sixteenth Year" is still acute:

What seemed strangest to me when I found this diary was that I have no recollection of the day-to-day life it describes. If I do not recall them, where have those days gone? Where had they vanished to? I pondered the things that human beings lose to the past.

I still have my diaries dating all the way back to 8th grade, and I love reading about all the funny things I did back then! I feel a bit sad when I realize that if I didn't write them down, I'd forget them, though, especially because starting 12th grade, I stopped keeping paper diaries as much. Instead, I started sharing these moments on tumblr. I like that I can access these memories from anywhere, but I do think that having an audience caused me to filter myself. I also like that a virtual diary of my life comes together when you look at all my social media sites and that I can see other people's lives that way.

Next year, I want to keep a better record and take more photos and post more so I can see all the memories more clearly! This week I'll do a write up of my trip to LA in August. I never did a write up of my NYC trip in 2015 either, so I'm trying to remedy that by writing things down more.

The only thing I worry about is not enjoying the moment as much because I'm so focused on recording it, and I'm honestly thankful that the people in my life are so much better than me at taking photos and videos! From here on out, I hope to share more of these moments with you all.

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