Glossier Review: Phase 2 Kit and Haloscope

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from left to right: boy brow, generation g, stretch concealer, haloscope, stickers!
Lately, I've been really into natural makeup looks, because 1) I'm lazy and 2) my skin's been doing better! Don't get me wrong -- dramatic looks are fun, too, but I'm not skilled enough to ever execute any of the amazing tutorials I watch! That said, I watched Rian Phin's GRWM featuring Glossier products a few weeks ago, and I really wanted to give their products a try!

swatches! from left to right: haloscope, boy brow, stretch concealer, generation g
Since I'm already content with my skincare routine, I decided to go with Glossier's Phase 2 Set. I chose to get the Boy Brow in Brown, the Stretch Concealer in Dark, and the Generation G sheer matte lipstick in Crush. I also had to try the Haloscope in Topaz! Without further ado, here's my review!

♡Boy Brow♡

above: boy brow; top right: after; bottom right: before
I'm always thankful that my brows are thick enough that I don't really need to use brow products, but I still liked Boy Brow a lot! Although my brows are pretty full, I do have slightly sparse patches, and this product filled them in naturally! Since my hair is dark brown, I chose the shade Brown instead of Black, and skeptical as I was, I liked it a lot! The only thing I didn't like was how the product felt after it dried, but if you're used to wearing gel on your brows, I don't think it'll bother you.

♡Stretch Concealer♡

This was my favorite product from the set! Since my skin is dry, a lot of concealers tend to look flaky on me, and I have trouble blending it in. However, I had no problems at all with the Stretch Concealer! It's super creamy and you can easily blend it in with your fingers. I wore this all day on Saturday (with some Tarte BB Cream) and never needed to touch it up. Because my skin is dry, though, I can't vouch for how well it stays on oily skin, and because it gives you a dewy look, it might make you look greasy. For me, though, it's perfect. I'm wearing the shade Dark, and my MAC shade is NC40!

♡Generation G♡

above: generation g in Crush; right: wearing generation g

After trying the stretch concealer, I kept on exclaiming "My skin but better!" (no joke). After trying this lipstick, I couldn't stop showing everyone and saying "My lips but better!" Literally! Definitely moisturize before applying, because otherwise it feels drying. The color looks super natural, though, and you can layer it until you get the shade you want. You can even wear it on your cheeks! I chose the color Crush, which is a nice pink color. The one thing I'm not a fan of is that unless you layer it on, the color fades quickly, which is understandable from a sheer lipstick!


above: haloscope in Quartz; right: me wearing haloscope

I was the most hyped about this product, so it's understandable that it felt the most underwhelming. I'm used to wearing more dramatic highlighters (like Josie Maran's Argan Enlightenment Illuminator), and I felt like despite the claims of being made with topaz, there was no sparkle once I blended the product onto my face. It looks bright in swatches, though, so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt because I might just be applying it wrong! If you want a natural glow, go for it!


before and after! only wearing products mentioned + a bit of tarte bb cream

Overall, I loved how natural these products looked! I felt like an American Apparel model, and they seriously makes me look like a more radiant version of myself! I also got stickers and a super cute pouch to hold my makeup! If you do decide to try something, ♡check out my link♡ to get 20% off your first order (not sponsored, just a referral link)! When I get the chance to try more products, I'll make sure to share my thoughts! Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think about these products in the comments!

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