Emo Nite & Old School Faves

by - 11:59 PM

unflattering photo of me in the red shirt in the front

Last Tuesday was my first time at Emo Nite, which is exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of people listening to all the stuff that was popular when we were angsty in middle school and high school. It might sound condescending phrased like that but that's not what I mean at all: it was everything 13-year-old me ever dreamed of.

Long story short, as a young teen I often felt isolated and lonely, and cheesy as it sounds, my favorite bands helped me feel better in those times. So last week, being in a space surrounded by people who probably felt the same way, singing along to songs like My Chemical Romance's "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)" was magical. I think there is a certain act of defiance in shouting things like "I'm not okay;" to me it feels like letting yourself be vulnerable and honest with everyone. Which of course, is what I feel emo represents: all the emotions (get it? haha) you carry within you, be they ugly or beautiful. Thus, here is a playlist of my fave throwback songs from the days when I wore short sleeve band shirts on top of long sleeve shirts!


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