Commuter Blues, Finding the Feeling of Home, & the New Mitski Album

by - 10:55 PM

This year, I've been trying to focus on art created by women. I'm rereading Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen again (finally!) for the first time since I've graduated, and I hope it'll help me find something. Already, it feels like meeting with an old friend. Working in the city feels makes me feel distant and I've been trying to keep things that make me feel like home close: my favorite sweater, my favorite skirt, the smell of pho broth, a special deck of cards I was gifted, and certain songs.

After hearing "Your Best American Girl" at the Mitski show in February, I kept thinking about it, and since the single was released, I've been listening to the song a lot. The lyrics "Your mother wouldn't approve of how my mother raised me / But I do, I finally I do" resonate with me so much that I wish there were a way to send this song back to thirteen-year-old me. It took me so long to get to that point!

So, when I saw that Puberty 2 was out on NPR's First Listen, I was super excited! I've been feeling blue because all the trains I ride leave me with a horrible sense of finality, so I decided to use the train ride the other day to check it out. Since the album's officially coming out tomorrow, I want to share my thoughts on my favorite songs from the record!

"Once More to See You"
This song makes me imagine languorously lying around drinking wine on a canopy bed with velvet curtains. I always love Mitski's lyricism, and here, I adore the imagery of "If you would let me give you pinky promise kisses / Then I wouldn't have to scream your name atop of every roof in the city of my heart."

I was hooked right away by the opening guitar in this song, and then I became drawn to the discord, the tension between the pleasing melody of the guitars and the strings, that difference in how Mitski sings the last words in each verse ("Cry, cry, cry").

"I Bet on Losing Dogs"
I love the weird distorted synth (could it be a theremin?) in the background of the song and how the entirety of the song feels like a cadence of melodic longing. The repetition of  "baby" also makes me think of a scene from the book Never Let Me Go, which feels so powerful to me!

"Thursday Girl"
This is the most ethereal, soulful song on the album to me, and I love how it begs to be sung. I think the simplicity (in a good way) of the lyrics make it relatable: "Glory, glory, glory to the night / It shows me what I am / I'm not happy or sad, just up or down / And always bad."

Overall, I love songs that let me be dreamy as I listen to them on repeat (e.g., Rhye's "Open," The Hollies' "The Air That I Breathe," Best Coast's "Up All Night") and this album is full of songs like that, so it's definitely a hit to me. I can't wait for all these songs to feel like friends!

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