DIY Watercolor Case for a Mix CD

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Hello again! I was originally going to present two ideas today, but preparing this took longer than I thought. Also, if you need songs for a romantic mix CD, I recommend Kali Uchis. I honestly wanted to make the whole mix songs from her album Por Vida. If you have to choose just one song, I'd say "Melting" is the best. I can't stop listening to it! I also posted the mix I made for this project (and other playlists) on Spotify so if you want ideas, follow me there. Anyway, I really like how the case turned out, so check out this tutorial if you're interested in making one! 
You will need:
  • two pieces of heavy paper
  • scissors
  • white glue or a glue stick and a hot glue gun 
  • watercolor paint and brushes
  • oil pastels
  • the back of a CD case
  • sandpaper
  • the CD you want to gift
I tried a few techniques before deciding on this one. By using oil pastels, you can get a really cool effect that saves you the trouble of having to paint small details. First, I took an old cardboard CD case, opened it, and outlined it on a sturdy piece of paper. I made sure to mark where the cover, spine, and back were. Then, I used a pencil to sketch my design. After that, I went over the design in oil pastel. If you're going to use white or a light colored oil pastel, I recommend erasing the pencil marks as you go because otherwise they'll show through. 
After you're done, decide on a color scheme and have your paint ready. Then, dip a wide paintbrush into water and saturate the part you want to work on first. Only do a bit at a time because you need to work fast! When the portion you want is wet, dip your brush into the color and put it on the page. Keep adding colors so that they bleed into each other and pull the colors with your brush until you achieve the effect you want. Repeat on the spine and back. 
Repeat the above process to make the inside of the case. I did a simple gradient for the inside. Then, wait for both parts to dry. While waiting, I took the back (the part that holds the disk) from an old CD case and broke off the parts that stuck out. I used a piece of sandpaper to make sure the edges were smooth. I also decorated the disk itself using permanent markers. 
When your papers are dry, cut them out and glue them together, white sides facing in. Then, use hot glue to put the plastic CD case in its spot. Carefully fold your case on the lines to make a spine, and let dry in the folded position. When your case is dry, write on your track list. That's it!
The watercolors make the case look dreamy and romantic, which I love. Of course, depending on the color scheme you use, you could create a variety of moods. This project was a bit more time intensive than I planned, but that's mostly due to waiting for paint and glue to dry. I had so much fun drawing and writing in white oil pastel and seeing them show up when I painted them! If anything, definitely try that out.

Next week is finally the release of The Witch, which I've been excited about since I saw the trailers last year. I'll be posting a review, so stay tuned!

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